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Hi, I'm Jay, the male counterpart to tess on avid tester/reviewer of . Sex positive. Promotor of sexual freedom

The Netherlands
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  1. 2 jan.

    A5 Well as I mentioned before . Also some smaller companies like who are in touch with their customers and can make things to order

  2. 2 jan.

    A4 I'd imagine do some proper research. Such as for example.

  3. 2 jan.

    Good point, I've assisted in suspending someone in a wheelchair multiple times (mostly because I have the strength to lift someone with a chair)

  4. 2 jan.

    A3 I would imagine they can enable some where they were not able. Although some actual practical things I would not assume to tell you, being abled and all.

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    2 jan.

    Good point, marketers should always have a set of personas covering a range of disabilities and cater to them explicitly

  6. 2 jan.

    A2 Make them reader friendly I would think. But that goes for non sextoy shops as well.

  7. 2 jan.

    And as always assumptions are the mother of all F**k ups

  8. 2 jan.

    A1 I've seen a lot of shops on the inside and what comes to mind with the European ones I've seen all over Europe would be, some wheelchair access and accessible aisles.

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    2 jan.

    Looking for cam performers who might want to speak with a journalist about online harassment by fans. Can keep names anonymous.

  10. 2 jan.
  11. 2 jan.
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    2 jan.

    Sex Experts Share Their Top Sex Resolutions for 2018 via

  13. 2 jan.
  14. 2 jan.

    So today I discovered a new pet whilst cleaning up my shed. Meet Hector the grey garden spider. This is 🇳🇱 biggest spider species and Hector is a prime specimen. Sorry no banana for size.

  15. 2 jan.
  16. 1 jan.

    To my online and : May you be who you want to be in 2018 and onward. May you love whom you wish to love and may we all make (sexual) world a whole lot better!

  17. 1 jan.
  18. 1 jan.

    Met dank aan @seron_brouwer. Mijn motto voor het komende jaar. #🇳🇱

  19. 31 dec. 2017
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    30 dec. 2017

    Long shot but: does anyone with a podcast have any desire to have me on as a guest? I've always wanted to podcast but I don't have the time, spoons or technical ability to do my own...

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