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We-vibe ditto

We-vibe have been very busy lately. Not only did they just launch the Verge and the Pivot, both are vibrating cock-rings, both with different functionalities. Now they released another new toy: Ditto. A vibrating buttplug. A nice and small sized plug, so it’s also accessible for beginners. Seron of We-Vibe was courteous enough to send met the Ditto for a review. This vibrating buttplug will be on sale in The Netherlands from the 6th of June onward, so you’ll have to be patient for a couple of days.

Great packaging

The box the Ditto comes is has the same style as the Verge and the Pivot. It all looks very stylish. The box is very sturdy, so you can safely store your toy, the charger and the remote control inside of it. The We-Vibe Ditto comes with a magnetic USB charger. This makes the Ditto waterproof, which always is a great feature for sextoys.

Remote control and app

You can remotely control the Ditto with the remote control that comes with it, or if you wish you can just push the button on the Ditto itself, but that will be a bit difficult if it is safely inserted into your anus :-). This makes the remote control very practical. The Ditto comes with several vibration patterns, just like all We-vibe toys do. And I really like some of them. Of course you can also connect the Ditto to the We Connect app to remotely control it through there. If you choose the do this you will have a plethora of options. It also gives you to opportunity to create your own vibration patterns. Some people really like that, I myself have not managed to create a pattern that I like.

We-vibe ditto

Anal beginners

I am not very experienced when it comes to anal toys. From time to time I’ll use a buttplug, but(t) that has been a while now, so I would consider me an anal beginner. This suited me perfectly as this toy is focused on beginners anyway. Yay me!

The Ditto is made out of silicone. Sextoys made out of this material are completely bodysafe. It does not contain any harmful materials and the material is not porous. So when you clean the toy, with soapy water, or toy cleaner, you will actually really clean it. The only thing to keep in mind with this material is that you cannot use a silicon based lubricant.  So I chose to use my JO Agapé lubricant, applied some of it and was ready for some serious testing

We-vibe ditto


I did feel a little awkward. I really don’t know when it comes to anal. Usually I start of not liking it at all, but after a while, when you get used to it, I can really enjoy it. To tell the truth though I have never used a vibrating anal toy that I actually liked. The vibrations “back there” don’t really do much for me. It always made me feel like something needed to come out that I’d rather keep inside of me. So I thought I was just a person who only liked vibrations on her clit.

Inserting the plug didn’t go really easily. Although it is really small, so the size shouldn’t really be an obstacle. I think it was the shape or the special shape of the end of the toy that made it more difficult to insert than a “normal” buttplug. But when I finally managed to get it in, it felt quite comfortable and really exciting.

Kind of nice

With the remote control I switched on the Ditto. It did take some getting used to the feeling, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, like I would normally feel when using anal vibrations. The vibrations are nice and deep and not overly harsh, but hard enough. I tried some different option, and I have to say I liked it, it didn’t make me horny, but it was nice just the same. This was the first time I actually enjoyed vibrations from an anal toy. Some settings were actually very enjoyable. The Wave setting was my favourite.

A vibrating buttplug is something completely different compared to a vibrator or a dildo. I think that most people will not be able to reach orgasm through a vibrating buttplug. But as something extra it really is an addition. So I decided to also use one of my other toys, the Nu Sensuelle Point, I am growing to love this toy more and more <3, and so started a double stimulation session, anal and clitoral. This was really enjoyable, as it made the orgasm just that little bit more intense.

Ditto as a clit stimulator

I also used the Ditto as a normal clit vibrator. Because of its shape it really lend itself for this purpose. I really enjoy the sensation of vibration just next to my clit, not on it, and the Ditto, because of it shape really hit the spot!. The vibrations are really nice and deep, and all the settings were really great for this purpose as well. To reach orgasm I just enjoy using a steady vibration, but when working up to orgasm all the other settings are great fun.

What does Jay think?

Jay also tested the We-Vibe Ditto, and this is what he thought:

“I’ve only been into anal antics for about 6 years now, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy anal masturbation (and sex!). I wouldn’t be me, if I hadn’t caught up the 12 years of not enjoying all things anal by now, so I am quite aware of what I like and more importantly dislike. The only tricky bit is that my butt is a bit picky, but down there, nothing is what it seems. As the We-vibe pivot really knew how to hit the spot and is “just” a cockring, so you can imagine what I thought when I heard about the Ditto.

Unfortunately as Tess got to test the Ditto first I had to wait a bit. But soon I was able to test it.

And although it was really warm and humid I left no time wasted and started testing the Dito in the safe comfortable confines of my bedroom. As you don’t want to rush or stress when doing anal things. So with some lube and a lot of zen I started testing the We-vibe Ditto, which inserted easily and comfortably.

The feeling wasn’t uncomfortable nor was it very nice, as it is a beginners buttplug it really didn’t hit the (P-)spot to really be an enjoyable toy for me.

Although this was all a bit disappointing I gave it an honest try just the same, I tried the vibrations, in the hopes of being surprised just like I was with the Pivot. But unfortunately, even the selfmade patterns and even the deep vibrations of my “WOOHOO” pattern didn’t do much for me.

This made that I was done pretty quickly with the Ditto, not that it’s a bad toy, I actually think beginners will really enjoy it, because it’s an easy and comfortable toy to use.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend it to the more experienced “buttboy”, although you have to keep in mind that no person, and so no ass, is ever the same.”


The Ditto is not a toy that I would use often myself, but I will use it now and again. It really is a great toy for beginners. For the more experienced anal lover the combination of toy and app is a great one. You can let your partner operate the Ditto remotely. And it doesn’t matter how far you are apart, you don’t even need to be in the same country. This makes it a very exciting thing to do. Do keep in mind what kind of phone you have, because the app hasn’t been perfected for all brands of phones yet. More information about that can be found on the We-vibe site.

The We-vibe will be on sale in The Netherlands from the 6th of June.



Jay is de persoon achter Tess Tesst die verantwoordelijk is voor het testen van, en schrijven over seksspeeltjes die gericht zijn op de penis en de prostaat.

Omdat Jay ook kinkster is zal hij van tijd tot tijd ook een review of artikel schrijven over Kink en BDSM en alles wat daar bij komt kijken

Buiten zijn talent voor testen en schrijven over seks, seksualiteit, BDSM en natuurlijk seksspeeltjes, is hij ook verantwoordelijk voor het technisch onderhoud, de marketing en nog veel meer andere zaken binnen Tess Tesst en veel andere websites van zijn klanten.

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