Bathmate Hydromax X40 #2


Hydromax X40 update

As we’ve moved on a couple of weeks, it’s now time for an update on my Bathmate Hydromax X40 pump.

To be honest, I never understood the pumping hype, that is, up to now. Not only is pumping my cock not the worst of feelings, but you actually train, and grow your cock. I’ve noticed an increase in length and girth since I’ve started using the Bathmate Hydromax X40. So I feel blessed, that I have been able to experience my first pump action by using the Hydromax X40, which is one of the best pumps on the market according to several pumping resources.

And as we’ve now progressed a couple of weeks it’s time to also update my diary entries, although I have compressed the entries a bit, because, as pumping has become a routine, it usually just goes well, which is just boring to read I guess. It has to be said, that or course sometimes it didn’t go all that well (for science!).

Dear diaryBathmate-hydromax-x40

Day 3:

  • Apparently, it is something you need to get used to, restarted using the comfort insert

Day 4:

  • The opinions and how-tos on the internet vary greatly, I send a mail to Bathmate with the questions I have
  • The comfort insert lives up to its name
  • It’s starting to feel good now

Day 5:

  • My erections are indeed a lot more rigid
  • I am (even) hornier. Also, the feeling after pumping can be classified as pleasant.

Day 6:

  • Had a longer pumping session, feels good

Day 7:

  • Bathmate answered my e-mail and are very supporting in their answers
  • After applying some of their tips, it all feels even better.

Day 8 to 12:

  • Pumping has become a routine, it’s not all that new anymore. But still it’s a pretty awesome routine to have

Day 13:

  • I didn’t pay that much attention, so this time the Hydromax X40 wasn’t positioned correctly and pretty much sucked one of my balls in. Ouch! No really, FUCKING OUCH! That is something I should really, really not do anymore.

Day 14:

  • Pumped again, carefully, it’s becoming increasingly more fun

Day 15 to 25:

  • The pumping thing is becoming a bit boring, but just look at my cock!

Day 25 to 37:

  • I’m actually becoming very curious about the other Bathmate pumps. And next time, I will want a strap with mine, because holding the thing all the time is just a drag. And a note to self: I should not suddenly turn around in an already very tight shower. It hurts and makes things pop, that shouldn’t pop that way.


Bathmate very graciously provided me with the Hydromax X40 in exchange for an honest review. If you’ve read my reviews and you’d like to purchase the Hydromax X40 or any other of the Bathmate pumps, you can do so through here. You then also help out


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